Dutch Association of Mental Health and Addiction Care

GGZ Nederland (Dutch Association of Mental Health and Addiction Care) is the sector organisation of specialist mental health and addiction care providers in the Netherlands. The aim of GGZ Nederland and its member organisations is to ensure the availability of high quality, accessible, affordable and sustainable mental health care. Our more than 100 member organisations deliver a wide variety of valuable services to the public, ranging from mental health promotion, prevention and primary mental health care to assisted independent living, sheltered housing, ambulatory specialist mental health care, clinical psychiatric and forensic institutional care.

Specialist mental health care services

Mental health care providers offer counselling, treatment and support to people with different mental health problems or psychiatric disorders such as anxiety disorders, depression, addiction, aggression or schizophrenia. The causes and expressions of these problems vary widely, this calls for many different types of mental healthcare providers. Some mental health and addiction care providers specialise in a specific disorder, others provide a variety of services in care pathways, usually offering prevention, primary mental health care, ambulatory (specialist) care, acute hospital facilities and long-stay residential care.

In 2012, around 85,000 employees of our member organisations advised, treated and supported more than 890,000 people suffering from mild, moderate and severe mental health conditions. In the Netherlands, mental health problems are the major cause of burden of disease. However, mental health providers only use 6.1 % of total health and social care budgets in the Netherlands. The economic benefits of Dutch specialist mental health care has been estimated to be at least € 15.0 billion, the investments for these services amount up to € 5.82 billion.


Seated in Amersfoort, the 69 employees of GGZ Nederland represent the interests of the member organisations in an on-going and constructive dialogue with client organisations, health insurers, national and local governments, professional associations and trade unions.

Internationally, GGZ Nederland is an active member of Mental Health Europe and EuroHealthNet. With its European partners, GGZ Nederland supports initiatives and alliances that emphasises the importance of good mental health for the European public and the European economy.

Mental health system, policies and Facts

These articles and publications thoroughly describe the Dutch mental health system:

For on-going mental health policies, the following document is a good introduction:

Two innovative practices deserve special attention, therefore two 2-page factsheets on eMental Health and Transparency.

if you have mental ill health and need help

If you (or someone you care for) experience a mental health problem in the Netherlands and you need support, please consult this website of the Dutch government first. It provides you with the information to get appropriate help.

If you are looking for mental health service providers near you, please consult ZorgKaart Nederland.


For questions regarding the structure and organisation of specialist mental health care in the Netherlands, please contact our international policy advisers Dung Ngo (dngo@ggznederland.nl), or Olfert Koning (okoning@ggznederland.nl).

You can also visit EuCoMs.